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While I have a slew of vegan whole30 recipes to fall back upon, I had yet to create a chocolate snack fix to my liking.

For example, if the current year is 1999 then years in the range 19 to 99 are assumed to mean 1919 to 1999, while years from 0 to 18 are assumed to mean 2000 to 2018.I’d loosely based it off my homemade Larabar recipe, but with a few small changes and was pleasantly surprised.With just a handful of ingredients and in less than 5 minutes, I had a brownie-like batter. After letting them sit for 10 minutes in the fridge, I couldn’t help myself but try one straight away.Depending on the ingredients used and storage method is chosen, energy balls can last between 5 days and up to 2 months.These chocolate date balls can last up to 7 days in a sealed container, at room temperature.

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