A couple dating

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She could see Jake's eyes moving around the house and pool. Colleen felt the woman's fingers caressing her neck and knew it wasn't by accident.

Electrical chills were moving up and down her body.

"John, Colleen and Jake are here," she said remembering their names from the video. "I hope you like steak." "Sure," Jake said as he looked at the in-ground pool and Jacuzzi. "The other three couples were very nice." "I understand some of these couples are interested in more than just being friends.

The backyard went way back into a thicket of trees. " Jake wanted to know upfront if this couple had any notion of wife-swapping on their mind. Did any of them make any suggestions along that line? "I'm really not supposed to talk about any of our other dates.

Her hair was back in a ponytail and the clothing she was wearing was very conservative. Jake quickly moved into the computer room and saw the computer ready for him to click on the couple's photo. "Nonsense," he said as he turned her hug her small frame into his.

"We are not doing anything this weekend so let's invite them over for dinner," Ann said. "You are beautiful." He planted baby kisses on her tiny lips.

"Great, let's do a barbeque on the patio and maybe go in the Jacuzzi." John said smiling. " ***** Jake saw his wife standing in the doorway when he arrived home from work. "If you want to meet them it's OK with me." ***** Ann called John at his office as soon as she saw the CDS reply pop up on the computer. "Did you mention to them to bring their bathing suits?

They were very direct about not wanting to meet other couples for sex and were just looking for friends."Nice pool." "Yeah, we don't use it very much since the kids left home." John said smiling. " Jake asked John as they sat watching the steaks cook on the grill. The other couples were nice and didn't cross any lines," he said truthfully. " Colleen blushed, "I guess so." She removed the hair band and her light brown hair fell to her shoulders.He glanced at Colleen's chest and could barely see a rise where her breasts were suppose to be. They had not crossed any lines that Ann and he didn't want them to cross. "You should wear it down like this," Ann said as she shaped the woman's hair along her shoulders."We didn't bring any swimsuits," Colleen said looking at the pool and the bubbles in the hot tub. ***** "Your husband seems a little uptight," Ann said to Colleen as they stood side by side cutting up the salad. "Tell him the only hot flesh he will get tonight is cooking on the grill," Ann laughed. Her fingers accidentally touched the tender skin along her smooth neck line."We weren't planning on getting wet," Ann said smiling. "Yes, he is nervous that you two will attack us," Colleen laughed. They finished the salad and as Ann pulled out the potato salad from the refrigerator Colleen asked her, "I love your hair. Ann suddenly remembered the delicious sex with the females of dates two and three.

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