Age of pyramids carbon dating

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Academia, in general, is very sure about its dating methods, but our new mathematical dating method suggests that all dating of ancient structures, performed during the past several decades, is incorrect.

Academia states that the most common way to date a structure is to carbon-date organic artifacts left by ‘builders’ found inside and around pyramids, or organic materials that slipped between the stones.

The time frames defined in these tablets seem to precisely correlate with the mathematical periods we have been able to extract from our data. 3: When the large ice sheets on the Northern hemisphere began to melt, sea levels began to rise globally.

It is generally assumed that there were no advanced cultures around at that time.Our evidence is backed by indisputable proof that we express in probability.The probability that we are correct in our hypothesis exceeds 99.7%. After we deepened our research, we ended up with a figure of 99,99987% or 1 to 750,000 that we are wrong in our conclusions.Our astounding and significant discovery is that Homo sapiens’ architectural history goes back more than 350,000 years. If we can somehow relate pyramids around the world, can we then classify them into a certain period? And this is the first step to take before we dive into the intimidating mathematical details.We can do that by analyzing the orientation patterns of pyramids spread around the world.

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