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Here are some fantasies that I am dying to immerse you in.

It’s awfully cold out; my mom forgot about me again. It makes my itsy-bitsy clit throb and you always start to breathe heavy.

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once harry had these he cuddled them close slipping in to his little headspace "daddys don't like harry daddys only want lux, daddys don't love harry, daddys leave harry, daddys forget harry" he sobs working himself up even more to the point losis has to grab the sick bowl as harry gags and thows up in to it from getting so worked up.I can tell them about my Dad and how he always let me have boys in my room and never checked on us. He had a camera hidden in one of my stuffed animals! Oh I know, I can tell you how I told my girlfriend about the camera and we talked about boys then did a strip tease show and played with each others teen tits. with harrys thoughts conflicted he did the onl thing he new he could and that was cry.niall who was closest to harry scoops him up and cuddles him close.

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