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Sabina Parish, while also ministering in the Archdiocese of Washington from October 1993 to March 2006.

He was been pastor emeritus at Holy Angels Parish since March 31, 2006."Since his retirement, Father Clements has assisted at various parishes in the archdiocese," the archdiocesan news release said. That adoption was the catalyst for the foundation of the "One Church, One Child" program to address the number of African American children available for adoption lingering in the foster care system.

An organization called “Chinese Americans For Trump” gained notoriety by paying for Trump billboards in over a dozen states and flying aerial banners in over 32 cities during the President’s campaign.

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Operating in at least 32 states, the program has placed more than 170,000 children in homes since its beginnings.

While he can’t legally vote yet, it hasn’t stopped his tireless efforts to influence others who can.

Around 2007, Wang started get more involved in politics, personally going out to protest for Chinese-American rights.

He sent me a meeting time along with a meeting location, which was a restaurant known for their Chinese buns.

Wang showed up wearing flip-flops, a hat, baggy pants, and a jacket — he didn’t want to be photographed since he wasn’t “camera-ready,” which was understandable.

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