Are charlotte rampling and wentworth miller dating

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Yates abducts Vogel; Dexter and Debra reconcile as they work together to find her.Vogel manages to call Dexter, and Deb traces the location.Dexter suspects Hamilton's son, Zach, is the real killer.Masuka asks Debra to do a background check on Niki, who claims to be his daughter.Dexter tracks down one of Vogel's patients, Lyle Sussman, who he believes is the Brain Surgeon, but discovers he has been murdered.Vogel and Dexter find a DVD from the Brain Surgeon, showing the killer forcing Sussman at gunpoint to do his bidding.Miami Metro investigates the murder of one Norma Rivera.Quinn passes the sergeant exam, and Batista presses him to solve the Rivera case if he wants the promotion.

She asks Dexter to track down the Brain Surgeon, whom she believes to be one of her former patients and a grave hazard to her life.While tracking down the stolen jewels, Debra is beaten by El Sapo, but later murders him; Dexter finds traces of her blood at the crime scene, but hides it from the police.Quinn and Jamie argue over Quinn's future and Batista's involvement in their relationship.Quinn's preoccupation with Debra causes friction between himself and Jamie, and Batista begins to lose faith in Quinn's ability to pass the sergeant's exam.Vogel admits that she finds Dexter's love for Debra unusual and questions why Dexter didn't kill her when she discovered his secret, implying that he is not a "perfect" psychopath.

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