Are emmett and bay dating

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[Daphne starts to feel guilty] Please tell me it wasn't you.

He was talking to somebody in the video, but I couldn't make out who.

[Daphne walks away, but Regina stops her] You are still on probation. But I guess last night she got really drunk, like smashed and when she woke up this morning, she found that she had, had sex with someone else, but she doesn't remember it.

All the opportunities that you've been given , and you risk it all for what?! Bay: Tess has a boyfriend, a pretty serious one, I think she loves him a lot.

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Bay, the Puerta Rican baby, winds up with a rich white suburban family, while Daphne, the white baby, winds up with the alcoholic Puerto Rican single mother.

The series' debut was the highest rated show debut for ABC Family to date. It happened to my dad, it happened to me, and I'm going to do everything in my power to make damn sure it doesn't happen to you. She wouldn't understand my culture, my family, my perspective on the world. Fact it my ideal girlfriend is hot, smart, funny, into motorcycles & deaf.

So I can see them and remember how frickin' hard they were to earn. And that's why I would have been harder on you for that fake ID than your parents were. Regina: [to Daphne about the security footage on the vandalism of the project] It was Nacho in that video.

The official synopsis of the episode reads: Bay is haunted by her breakup with Emmett and struggles to figure out where their relationship fell apart.

Daphne’s excitement about her new relationship with Mingo is hampered by her friends’ opinion of him. ’ I just thought seeing her spin out would be so real.

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