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It's not so massive when you're 20th and you finish 19th or if you're 19th and you finish 18th or even if you finish 18th and then finish 17th.

But I think when you move up a place at the top, it's quite massive, so we've had an improvement." - Bobby Robson sums up Newcastle's season, as only Bobby Robson can.

But the worst thing that's ever been said was someone comparing me to an Afghan hound. And someone used the word 'inbred', which was a bit strong." - Birmingham's Robbie "Goldilocks" Savage.

"I don't want to be institutionalised in a hotel, singing stupid songs and showing my arse to all and sundry." - Welsh rugby international Scott Gibbs on why he gave up touring. My players will be called up to the army in the next few days.

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The lame will come here and walk, they'll be selling water here, because this defies logic."- RTÉ's George Hook after Munster beat Gloucester 33-6 in the European Cup.

And as long as we beat England I wouldn't mind if we lost every other game in the Six Nations." - France's Imanol Harinordoquy, well up for his country's Six Nations' knockabout with Clive Woodward's boys.

"A goal is going to decide this in many ways." - David O'Leary, sharing his expertise with Sky Sports viewers. Maybe I was trapped." - French prop Pieter de Villiers, after testing positive for cocaine and ecstasy.

Reporter: "It's been said that your weakness is that you have never played at the highest level." Brian Kerr: "Well, I don't think the FAI has hired me as a player - they've hired me as a manager." "Arsenal are streets ahead of everyone in this league, and Manchester United are up there with them, obviously." - Newcastle's Craig Bellamy, obviously.

"Being a Kerry manager is probably the hardest job in the world because Kerry people, I'd say, are the roughest type of fucking animals you could ever deal with.

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