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Jasmine Caro has been out of the movie industry for around two years now.

Her latest large production video released in 2015 called Rocco's Intimate Initiations 2.

SHE HAS three years worth of acting school under her belt.

With such an adventurous spirit and a love for being the center of attention it was a natural progression for Caro to give nude modeling a try; the only question was with whom?

One of my most favourite sets of all time ' Gislane balance' was against a green backdrop.

If Caro could replicate that, shot for shot (alongside Gislane)WOW! Perhaps in these times of electronic wizardry, Petter could 'mock' something up.

Hahaha, you make me laugh, HAHA, so for example you like Angelina Jolie, and then you see her smoking in a movie, and then youwill scream "What the hell are you doing Angelinaaaa!! It's easy to condemn...remember we don't know her story...What a shame that no pictures of Caro exhaling her smoke were included.I wish she had not used fake fingernails on such beautiful hands.There are a few movies that took advantage of the fact that she was a Latina such as Latin Adultery 27 and Witness Subjection Project.She also made herself a modest corner in the bondage industry with such movies such as Tight Ropes Bind Bare Bodies, Eleven Lucky Ladies Naked and Bound, Each Woman Was Bound and Gagged, Naked Bondage Temptations, and six episodes in Superbound.

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