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She broke her pelvic bone after being dragged for 300 metres while holding onto the handle of Arthur’s car door following an argument.But she says it was not the first time things turned violent between the couple.Hu’s post seems to have triggered a nostalgic response from Jiang’s peers in the entertainment industry, with many chiming in to describe him as “a free spirit, “a true friend,” and “a sunny boy” — a term used to describe men who are gentle, emotionally attuned to others, and fundamentally incapable of violence.Despite Jiang admitting to abusing Nakaura, some fans have nonetheless appealed to law enforcement to “reveal the truth.”Two celebrities in particular — singer Yu Haoming and actress Jiang Mengjie (no relation to Jiang Jinfu) — have been widely criticized for their reactions to the case.Jiang, who has over 17 million followers on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, put his acting career on hold and flew to Japan in April to attend a language school.

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In the aftermath of Jiang’s arrest, public opinion has widely diverged: There are Jiang’s fans — and the fans of celebrities who have defended Jiang — and then there are those condemning the abuse of women for any reason and calling for everyone to calm down.“Maybe you [celebrities] are his good friends ...

Here’s a look at five Mzansi stars who have opened up about their abuse.

Kwaito star Mshoza recalled the night “all hell broke loose” when her ex beat her up in a fit of jealous rage. I begged for forgiveness,” she told magazine last year.

Yu wrote in a retweet, “I’m on his side,” and Jiang Mengjie commented, “It takes two to tango” — but both posts were deleted after netizens accused the two celebrities of blaming the victim and enabling the abuser.

Both later apologized for their “improper” words, but this wasn’t enough to satisfy some of their critics.

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