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“This was an entire community of people who had a literature, art, and spirituality,” says Phelps.

“Almost all of that has been lost, yet their cultural DNA exists in our culture today.

In some cases, the erased texts have increased the known vocabulary of a language by up to 50 percent, giving new hope to linguists trying to decipher them.The library at Saint Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest continually operating library in the world.Among its thousands of ancient parchments are at least 160 palimpsests—manuscripts that bear faint scratches and flecks of ink beneath more recent writing.The rise of Islam in the seventh century saw almost all of the other Christian sites in Sinai disappear, leaving the fortified monastery at Saint Catherine’s far harder to reach.Tensions between the Muslim world and Christians during the Crusades also made pilgrimages to the monastery more sporadic.

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