Dating at midlife single

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They want to throw a winky face, arrange to meet, and let Mother Nature take it from there.

Women seem to be drawn more to the fancy paid sites, which ask question after question.

The first time you have to attend parent-teacher conferences with…

A Must-Have Books for Your Child There are only so many hours in the day, and as a single mom, you can’t cross everything off your to-do list.

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Your first Christmas morning without your child under your roof.

People in the time of midlife have all been around the block of life a few times themselves now.

They have experienced some illness with themselves, an ex-spouse or a formerly living spouse.

You might still be on good terms with an ex-spouse, but perhaps they live outside of the area.

And even if you have grown kids who’d help out, if they live more than a few hours from you, they can’t help you out immediately when you might need a hand right this minute.

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