Dating before getting married

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There is no detaching Bill Cosby’s talent from some of the happiest and most meaningful moments of my life — and there is no true detachment of Bill Cosby from his talent.Whenever I think about the emotions surrounding Bill Cosby, I rather oddly recall the well-known financial principle which advocates the cultivation of multiple streams of income for economic security. Perhaps it is a blessing when the streams never stop flowing, coming again and again until exhaustion prompts the waving of a white flag.” camp, I find myself both snarling at and envying the protests of members of the “so leave him alone!” faction who blame victims of sexual assault and question why they would let years pass before speaking about their survival.There are facts — only a Google search away — which speak to why this occurs.But there are also my emotions which often remind me that most of what I know regarding this subject I know from personal anguish.

Lately, I’ve also found myself applying this piece of fiscal advice to the moment when I finally accepted the sexual attacks I sustained as a teenager. And perhaps, without the constant streams and bombardments, it is near impossible for anyone involved — victim, attacker, or bystander — to truly grasp the unsightly realities of sexual violence.

And, perchance, it is the warlike texture of this back-and-forth which has coaxed my laying aside facts for the sake of merely weighing emotions.

This is not solely because the facts are a matter of public record: dozens upon dozens of similar accusations handcuffed to Cosby’s admission of not only procuring Quaaludes for the purpose of sex with women, but also never taking them himself because they made him sleepy.

With regard to this specific subject, I’ve never struggled to understand why people have struggled to understand me.

I mention my personal experience because as a member of the “but he should be!

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