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Develop a list of keywords related to those concepts.Brainstorm additional synonyms and related keywords for each concept.This can be done through a stakeholder workshop or informal meetings where stakeholders provide feedback and suggest changes to the provisional vision statement.The resulting shared vision statement should clarify what is important for all stakeholders and guide the strategy design and development process.Consider the size of the project, scope of the literature review, how much data is available and easily accessible, and whether additional stakeholder or audience input is needed.Allow for additional time if formative research is needed to fill in any gaps that may exist in the literature.To do so, review existing health and demographic data, survey results, study findings and any other available data to identify the priority health issue.Throughout the review, pay attention to the following types of information: Successful SBCC strategies focus on one specific issue at a time.

It involves a systematic collection and study of health and demographic data, study findings and other contextual information in order to identify and understand the specific health issue to be addressed.

It examines the current status of the health issue as well as the social, economic, political and health context in which the health issue exists and establishes the vision for the SBCC program.

A complete A situation analysis guides the identification of priorities for an SBCC intervention and informs all the following steps in the SBCC process.

Decide on the dates for the data, the studies to be collected and the best databases (or other sources of information such as partners) to focus the search ( data about the problem and the people affected.

Look for information on: Look for both national and local data using online searches, local library resources, and partner resources.

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