Dating corkscrews

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It also claims to open about 30 bottles on one charge, which we rebuttal by saying ‘challenge accepted.’ Just like Kimmy Schmidt kept turning the crank, when using this corkscrew all you have to do is keep turning in the same direction to remove the cork.

It’s so easy, even your aunt who has had a few glasses too many could figure it out.

Educational programs, guided tours and parallel events take place based on a variety of stimuli and information provided by the vineyard, the winery, and the Wine Museum, and focus on different themes, depending on the specific target group.

Open bottles with great stealth using this Bishop’s key corkscrew.

In the two sections on "The symposium in ancient Greece", unique wine consumption vessels and utensils narrate the symposium ritual and its significance in ancient Greek social and cultural life.

The perfect gift for your favorite penguin-obsessed friend, this corkscrew is also ready to step up to the iceberg and open a bottle for you.The collection includes rare and unique pieces dating back to the 18th century, true symbols of the technological advances, high aesthetics and social structures of the era.This collection of corkscrews and wine-growing tools is housed in the Gerovassiliou Wine Museum, located at the heart of the estate's winery, next to the underground ageing cellar and the wine-tasting room.Parallel to his interest in quality wine making, Vangelis Gerovassiliou's other aspiration is to enhance the viticultural tradition: in 1976 he started collecting viticulture, winemaking, bottling and cooperage tools from around the world.Especially notable is the corkscrew collection, which he started in the 1980s and which now numbers more than 2600 exhibits, making Vangelis Gerovassiliou one of the world's greatest collectors of corkscrews.

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