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For example, a 9-digit Taylor serial starting with '96' indicates a guitar made in 1996.

Starting in 2000, this same format was used but expanded by two digits to accommodate the full year.

During the final years of the 19th century the company ran into financial difficulty and from 1897 began a loose financial arrangement with Waring of Liverpool, an arrangement legally ratified by the establishment of Waring & Gillow in 1903.

Waring's of Liverpool was founded by John Waring, who arrived in the city from Belfast in 1835 and established a wholesale cabinet making business.

Starting in 2009, Taylor adopted a new system which changes the order and information contained in the serial a bit.

They also made gas masks and trench covers from this site.The first digit indicates which factory the guitar was made in (1 for El Cajon and 2 for Tecate), while digits three through six reveal the date of production.Here's an example of the most recent serial format in action: 1112122002 This serial would be for the second guitar produced in the El Cajon Taylor factory on December 12, 2012.In 1980 Waring and Gillow joined with the cabinet-making firm Maple & Co., to become Maple, Waring and Gillow, subsequently part of Allied Maples Group Ltd, which includes Allied Carpets.Find out more information about DATING FACTORY LIMITED.

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