Dating fellow worker

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You're with them a good number of hours a day, and you tend to see them across circumstances -- both when they're succeeding and celebrating victories, and when they're having a hard time.They "get" you in a way others don't, because they're familiar with the work (as well as the office politics).Plus, you can engage in pretty good banter on Slack.It's not just coworkers, either -- some people are doing more than just work for the boss.

This can cause the excitement of your relationship to wear off quickly.When everyone catches on about your new office romance, they will keep tabs on all the happenings of your relationship.Colleagues will be looking out every time you and your boo lock eyes, they will stop and stare when they catch him hanging out by your desk, and if the two of you both show up late to work, they'll definitely take notice.But in most cases, office romances are a big no-no.Keep reading to find out 12 reasons why you should never date a co-worker.

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