Dating jah

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It is difficult for me, as a dread, to date outside of my spiritual beliefs. Not because this is part of some written doctrine, but because I need to be with someone who understands me through and through.

My spirituality is a very important part of who I am.

For weeks now, a big shocking secret has been teased about Winter Everett’s boyfriend Jah and viewers want to know what it is that he’s hiding.

Winter was just 19 years old when she and Jah started dating.

I feel western society is spoiled, and when you have had many partners in your life time, people cannot see their partners anymore. The difference between a rastafarian couple having a relationship and a non rastafarian couple is, the way we love god is constant.

Sometimes we only see what we want our partners to be. Sometimes this means a divorce, sometimes it means extra marital affairs, sometimes it means somebody younger, slimmer, with more money. We stay true to his teachings and the rules of the bible. Love all things as creations of God and perhaps your relationships and or marriage, will be a lot healthier!

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don’t get married, unless you both really want to here are some pointers for a healthy happy relationship…

Marriage to us is the fact that we are with this person, committed to the relationship, and sharing our selves with this person in a way we do not with others.

Please note, I am a jamaican rasta, so my views are different from those of say, an american rasta. As a rastafarian women, to have a rastfarian man in my life is extremely important.

This im guessing is because they see the world differently and rarely look at non rastafarians as someone to settle down with.

many of my views here are based on the fact that I am female, and that I am a dread, and that I cannot be with a non rasta man.

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