Dating large age difference

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goals, interests, expectations, beliefs and experiences) prevent these types of relationships from flourishing.

Moreover, if one of the individuals is an adult and the other one is a minor (under the age of 18); the adult in the relationship may be charged with statutory rape or a similar offense.

Purple also reports that society, in general, is more likely to accept relationships that consist of two people close in age, then relationships, in which there is a significant age gap between partners.

• Stigmas Stigmatization is another drawback associated with dating someone of a different age. Although many relationships with an age difference survive and even thrive, it is important to recognize the disadvantages associated with dating someone older or younger than yourself.If you are wondering what drawbacks are associated with dating someone that is a different age – you have come to the right place.Significant age differences in a relationship are more likely to provoke stares, disapproval and criticism. According Ruth Purple (2014), relationship expert, there is a significant chance that your family and friends will not “take” to your partner, if he/she is older or younger than you.

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