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Discover amazing historical and archaeological sites of Brazil.

This amazing UNESCO-listed national park is a stunning double-whammy: almost 1,300 square kms of gorgeous wilderness in north-eastern Brazil cradling over 1300 distinct archaeological sites, some of which are over 60,000 years old.

Here are Viva Expeditions top 10 favourite archaeological sites in South America: See all our tours in Peru and note that on a custom made itinerary, you can include mighty Machu Picchu.

The poster-child of South America’s ancient treasure-trove, the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is the one everyone wants to see, and it’s certainly not hard to get the appeal.

Visit by train for the day or on foot on a multi-day hiking adventure you won’t forget in a hurry.

Explore mysterious Nazca Lines with our trips to Peru.

Etched on the dark desert soil of southern Peru, the Nazca Lines have been baffling scientists and enthralling visitors for over eight decades.

The most famous geoglyphs in the world are best admired on short sightseeing flights although a couple of elevated platforms along the access road offer glimpses of some of the smaller shapes.

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centuries, although their legacies remain, nowadays, in only four countries: Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.Easter Island The giant carved statues that tower over some of the most beautiful landscapes of all, the Moais of Easter Island are insanely fascinating and offer a genius excuse to visit what is, in actual fact, a sensational island.UNESCO gave up trying to recognise all of Easter Island’s prized assets (800 statues and then some) and ended up declaring the entire isle one collective to Bolivia Tiahuanaco is considered one of the hidden treasures of South America archaeology, and it’s amazing to know most visitors to Lake Titicaca don’t even know it exists despite the fact it’s located only 20kms away.This is the alleged birthplace of the pre-historic culture of this region and, if researchers are correct, could turn out to pre-date every other ancient site on the continent.

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