Dating true hermaphrodites

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Marguerite Malaure, recovered from her illness and presented to the king her well-written request for permission to return to woman's dress, despite the sentence of the municipal magistrates of Toulouse, who had enjoined her to wear men's clothing.We conclude, therefore, that , who have both had children, each as man and woman, are childish fables, drawn from the heart of ignorance in the love of marvels, so difficult to dismantle.The same Columbus, of whom we were just speaking, saw a Bohemian woman, who asked him to remove this body, and to enlarge the canal to her shame in order to be able, she said, to receive the embraces of the man she loved.The Negro of Angola, who caused such a stir in London in the middle of this century, was a woman who found herself in the same situation as Columbus' Bohemian woman; and this case is less rare in the blazing hot countries of Africa and of Asia than among us.The famous Marguerite Malaure would certainly have passed for a ; she said that she had the natural parts of both sexes, and and that she was in a position to use the one and the other.She displayed herself in public and private assemblies of doctors and surgeons, and she allowed herself to be examined, for a small compensation, by those who were curious.For the doctors treating the woman in Valparaíso, the determination of her “true sex” was part of a larger project to identify and document Marañón’s intersexual types in the Chilean populace while modernizing the sexual politics of the state.Marañón’s formulation of his concept of intersexuality and its reception in Chile were both facilitated by the work of the Latvian-Chilean physiologist Alexander Lipschütz, a distinguished professor at the University of Concepción in southern Chile who had previously collaborated with leading figures in sexual science such as Eugen Steinach and Magnus Hirschfeld.

Thus the inexplicable enigma of , in this subject, turned out to be clearer than day.The implantation of Lipschütz at the University of Concepción from 1926 to 1936 connected Chile to transnational networks of sexual science that created the conditions of possibility for the woman’s diagnosis and the circulation of her case back to Europe.As a study of transnational networks in the history of science and the history of sexuality in Latin America, this lecture reveals multidirectional flows of scientific knowledge between Latin America and Europe.Among the curious who examined her, there were without doubt several who lacked sufficient enlightenment to judge her condition accurately, and who concurred in the most common opinion that she inspired, which was that she was a .There were so many well known doctors and surgeons who would haughtily assure the public that she was really that which she said she was, and would guarantee it with their certificates, that apparently one could have acquired a great reputation in Medicine and Surgery without having a great depth of solid knowledge or genuine capacity. Saviard, finding himself to be the only skilled man who was unbelieving, gave in to the pressing demands of his friends to have a look, and and examined this prodigal in their presence.

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