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But, be that as it may, I could not help but feel the manifestation of that powerful, tangible, ferocious, almost maddening, animal-like instinct, a very deep, very profound yearning, emanating from our Saint Lucian female revelers, to just want to be naked!It seems that Saint Lucian women, no matter their social or financial caste or category, in our quite well defined and stratified Saint Lucian society, just want to be naked during carnival!I sat with da boys on Nestor’s Sab Block, on Carnival Day, Saint Lucia 2019, and was inspired by the wicked and provocative rocking, wining, grinding, jamming, ramming and mind-boggling revolving, of practically naked Lucian woman “batty”, in the natural, earthy warmth of the Sab, at Sans Soucis, Castries – to put these words to paper – on the nudity phenomenon that has now assailed Lucian Carnival.I was at once amused, bemused, fused, and almost confused, at the hundreds, thousands of beautiful, delectable Lucian females, showing us their true “bad-in-bum-bum” power, in almost stark nakedness; that relentless shaking, jamming, ramming on my poor eyes, my poor mind, provoking my wicked but futile imaginings.Then, you are able to upload up to 27 pictures and search for interracial singles from local city.Besides, standard members can send free winks to start a conversation and reply emails from other members.

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There seems to be a deeper underlying socio-psychological-biological factor, that applies in the case of the female members of Homo Sapiens in this matter, and this article might be presenting an opportunity for a study to be undertaken on this female nudity phenomenon, if indeed such research has not already been executed somewhere.

All the above having been said, these lines are no criticism of our Lucian “babes”.

I verily believe that Vee, Nestor and Coco were also lasciviously “cooking” that day – although they will deny it – yet my Comrades may not have been as “bad-in-bum-bum” bowled-over as I was.

After all, I have been away from Saint Lucia Carnival for 11 years – having spent the last decade at CARICOM in Guyana – while da boys on Nestor’s Block have had no such silly sabbatical.

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