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Silicon Valley’s motto: “Fail fast, so you can succeed sooner.” And you must go faster because: According to Messina and Baer, the need to move quickly and to network frenetically generates a lot of openness in Silicon Valley—although it’s really a faux informality—which is not found elsewhere in the world.

That’s why all Silicon Valley meetings seem to take place in the local coffee houses and restaurants.

One of the distilled essences in Silicon Valley is that it’s hard to get anything done here without a network.

Bill will also tell you his fantasy football and fantasy baseball teams are perennially dominant (editor: don't believe him).He is honored to help promote the United Performing Arts Fund in Southeast Wisconsin.As part of the partnership between CBS 58 and UPAF, Bill emceed the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2015 fundraising campaign, and the UPAF Ride for the Arts, and is thrilled to continue to advance such a worthy cause.A man who won -million in the lottery was still using food stamps.In 2013, Bill jumped at the chance to get back to Wisconsin and work for WDJT.

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