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And, let us note well, there are no age limits for sinning.When I hear confessions, I often say to my penitents, somewhat jokingly, that their temptations will end only five minutes after they have exhaled their last breath.In a word: from what we read, see, say, and experience, and from the companions we choose, even from our glances — from all this he can discern where he will tempt us and at which particular moment. This brings to mind a passage from the first letter of St. My interpretation of this passage, on which various scholars are agreed, sounds like this: “Brothers and sisters, be vigilant.Peter: “Brothers and sisters, be sober, be watchful. The devil wanders around each one of you, searching where to devour.” That word is important: the devil looks in each person precisely for his weak point and “works” on it, creating his next sinful occasion.We proceed to the second question: Who must be afraid, us or the devil?The letter of James says textually: “Submit yourselves therefore to God.

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The will to struggle against sin must be cultivated even to the end of our days.

We recall that before admitting the angels to paradise, God subjected them to a trial of obedience and humility, of which we know the nature but not the specifics.

The sin of the fallen angels was one of pride and disobedience. The original sins of the angels are the same as those who implicitly or explicitly adhere to Satanism.

Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking some one to devour. It will be the targeted person himself, who in his liberty, will commit the sin, after having been well “cooked” by Satan’s temptation.

The most frequent weak points in man are, from time to time, always the same: pride, money, and lust.

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