Dll import error when updating Webcam adult free com

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A recent episode of the popular Risky Business infosec podcast titled “Good Microsoft, Bad Microsoft” discusses a security vulnerability in a Power Shell tool used to manage Exchange Online.I have listened to the podcast twice (once the first time, and then a second time to make some notes for this article) and it seems they're referring to the Exchange Online Remote Power Shell module, aka EXOPS.Unfortunately one of the older DLL files remained on the system, which leaves the risk that an Import-Module command might be pointed at the older DLL file.Given that I updated after listening to the podcast, which is after the security vulnerability was patched without notice, we can assume that version .000 is the minimum version number that you should be using to be protected from MITM attacks when using EXOPS (as low a probability as that may be for your particular situation).

After updating the EXOPS module on the computer the version number .000 was shown for the DLL file instead.The EXOPS module is available today either by going to the preview URL (which still works, and downloads the installer), or by launching the installer from within the Exchange Online admin center in the Hybrid section.The EXOPS installer connects to a Microsoft URL and downloads the bits to install the module on your local computer.Of course, you don't know how important it is to accept the update, because there's no security notice published and nothing in the update dialog to indicate the severity of any vulnerability that the update fixes.If you're in a hurry to complete a task, skipping the update would be a natural reaction.

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