Do online dating sites really work

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I have some more questions: For the guys, do you actually get a lot of replies?

( the last time I heard, there's like a 7:1 ratio of male to female on these sites ) Also, how much replies do you typically get if you don't post a picture?

I have to agree with Aquarose on this one because I was with Match for a while back in 03 and yeah I was busy.The problem was the person who I was with was in NO WAY a good match for me.She had some major anger issues that I learned the hard way.So for all the guys out there who have tried out these sites, were these really effective in the sense that you met a lot of other different people? But if I had the chance again, I would do it all over again!One day I will probably use a dating website again, but for right now I am still healing from losing my ex.

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