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Especially courtship – does a good mood equate to increased trust in women who are approached by men for their phone number?

A group of undergraduate students walked around in a shopping mall and identified the areas that had the best smell.

23% of the women shared their number with the young man. In the no-odor location – 13.5% of women shared their number with the young man. Twice as many women said yes in a pleasant-smelling location as those in a neutral-odor location. It's may seem like a small difference – but statistically, the men doubled their chances of getting digits simply by changing the location of the request. The surprising factor is that the fragrance wasn’t worn by any of the men.

They simply solicited women for their contact details in a good-smelling area of a shopping mall. So make your requests in an area with a pleasant and ambient fragrance.

A total of 400 women were approached for the purpose of this experiment.

200 were approached in a pleasant-smelling location.

Back then, he didn’t know what women want and had no idea how to get a girlfriend.

The young men, who were unaware about the goals of the experiment, were handed a script which they followed verbatim.

They were instructed to approach 18-25 year old women in the mall and ask for their phone numbers using this script – “My name is Antoine, you seem very nice.

The researchers suggest that a man asking a woman out on a date is likely to hear ‘yes' when the woman is in a better mood. A pleasant cologne worn by a man makes a significant difference to how he is perceived by women.

In fact, it could be the number one factor for women to determine if your first date leads to a meaningful and lasting romantic relationship.

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