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Season 1 to Season 3: - Chris "Drama" Pfaff - Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff - Rob Dyrdek - Jeremy Larson - Big Black(Few Episodes) - Geoff Taylor - Chanel West Coast - Tracy Tubera Season 4 to Season 5: - Rob Dyrdek - Chris "Drama" Pfaff - Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff - Big Black - Tracy Tubera - Geoff Taylor - Chanel West Coast - Sterling "Steelo" Brim The west coast is at the Pacific Ocean and the east coast is at the Atlantic Ocean.

Boynton Beach, Florida is on the Atlantic Ocean's coast, about 3,000 miles away from the west coast, so it is on the east coast.

By entering the individuals first and last-name having heart first and birthday knowing it, the site replies using their found town of property as well as any AKAs they’ve acquired previously like maiden names or first final labels if they’ve previously modified it.

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