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Coffee enemas Although coffee enemas have gained popularity as a way to rid your body of impurities, there isn’t any research to support these “detoxifying” claims.

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They are used to treat constipation and are available over the counter. A typical solution may include: Your doctor or other healthcare provider can tell you which formulation to use based on your needs.

Unlike cleansing enemas, barium enemas are typically performed by your doctor or radiologist for imaging studies.

Enemas can be used for several situations or conditions. If you’ve tried other constipation remedies unsuccessfully, your healthcare provider may suggest an at-home enema.

The flow of fluid through your lower colon may stimulate the muscles to move the impacted stool. Your healthcare provider may ask you to do an enema in the days or hours before a procedure like a colonoscopy. Some people promote enemas as a way to cleanse your colon of impurities, bacteria, and buildup that may make you sick.

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