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Since leaving the Big Brother house we’ve seen Zach remain very busy both with a potential entertaining career but also his charity work to help those around him.Now he’s back on television with a return to CBS’s “Bold & Beautiful” and as Rance tells Huff Po, it could grow to something more: I’m really excited to be back on “B&B.” I’m playing a Forrester Creations employee.Teams kind of helped each other, but I didn't see any alliances. Eric: Once all the teams arrived that wouldn't be eliminated, they evacuated us to Santiago, which was a lot nicer. RTVW: We also have to ask about the leg that ended in Antarctica. On the way, we slept and recovered; when we woke up, we got to hang out with the other teams. Jessica: That was our first time to interact with the other teams. But we were in a dead heat with at the end, and our cab driver just decided he thought he knew better how to get to the Pit Stop. Jessica: But we wouldn't have been in that situation if we hadn't gone for the Fast Forward. RTVW: What led to the decision to go for the Fast Forward? Jessica: I made that call, and I was thinking that no one else would go for it early. I didn't think about how there were twelve other teams, and one was bound to think that. That cost us time, and we probably would have finished farther ahead of them if not for that. Bryan: We decided to use the U-Turn on Bobby and Caroline because it guaranteed that we would still be in it. I wanted to use it on Charlie and Derek, but they'll just get mad, and we'll get U-Turned later. Zach is also doing his weekly “Zach Rance Live” shows through You Tube for even more Froot Looping fun. There’s a lot more interesting discussions in his interview that makes it definitely worth reading for all Big Brother fans.Could we ever hope to see Zach back in the Big Brother house? My favorite aside just might be his admission that there’s one thing he wishes he hadn’t done: stealing that cue ball. Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic.

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As entertainment critic Roger Ebert once said, "If you disagree with something I write, tell me so, argue with me, correct me--but don't tell me to shut up. Put a lid on her, let her vent, and play your own game. Cut to Spike and Jennifer, currently in first place, outside the airport attempting to hail a cab.

RTVW: Why did you guys want to come on the Amazing Race? Jessica: I watched it a little, but I thought it would be cool to go on the Race with Eric.

We don't get to spend as much time together as we would like, so this was a way to be together more. Kea: Leilani and I came out here to see the world, and here we are.

RTVW: How far behind Bobby and Caroline were you guys? Jessica: We saw them running back to go to sleep, and we knew we didn't make it. I'm very happy with the experience, and I can't imagine making my living doing reality shows. Jessica: It was the money, and we got ,000 apiece for our finish. The Show Begins - air date 9/24/2008The introductory shot is of the skyline of Santiago, Chile, with a focus on the area around National Stadium, the starting point for the second leg of the Amazing Race. Phil (voice-over): Ray and Jamal cemented their alliance with back-of-the-pack Carrie and Dana by reserving seats on the first flight fir them. Jamal: I reserved tickets for Carrie and Dana because they're not as strong a team, and I didn't want a team like the Hogettes or the Ravers to get on the same flight with us. (Subtitle: Please go quickly.)Charlie: You speak Spanish, too? Cut to Hayley and Alexis climbing Stop Chimney and reaching the top. I'm fine, you didn't hurt me, and we're cool, I hope.

Before that, we had no idea if we were ahead of them. Jessica: We're still very much together, and I'm actually considering heading up to New York to be with Eric. Phil (voice-over): Previously on the Amazing Race...thirteen teams of two started from Santiago, Chile and figured out that they had to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There was only room for one more team after us, and it was nice to be able to pick that team. Phil (voice-over): In Rio, Derek showed off his knowledge of the local language. Phil (voice-over): And it came down to Caroline against Jessica to avoid last place. Phil (voice-over): Ray and Jamal arrived fifth, but they broke the rules by authorizing flight arrangements for Carrie and Dana. At first, a Mercator projection of the world in black, green, and yellow, with the Amazing Race logo superimposed over it cuts to a view of an airplane flying above a layer of clouds. The first team shown on screen is Leilani and Kea against an island backdrop.

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