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However, I was aware that I was inadequate to the task.

As a result, I worried that I might falter, as though being set in front of a beautifully prepared dinner table where all I have to do is dig in, and yet manage not to eat a bite anyway.

Login Connect with his new girl Jun Hoes past statement Mobile view joy before the series films.

Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo met as co-stars on the SBS drama, 'My Daughter the Flower', and announced their relationship back in June.

Suzy said at that time: The couple’s fans and viewers gave positive reactions and thumbs up to their relationship.

In March 2016 after their one-year anniversary of togetherness, they started wearing matching couple rings.

Celebrities have a number of romantic flings, affairs, and relationships before settling for the ‘genuine love of their life’. South Korean actor Lee Min Ho is one such celebrity whose relationship with actress cum singer Suzy Bae made headlines.

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