Fat dating show

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But a token partner who likes curvier women doesn’t level the playing field when plus-size women are up against all of society telling them their body is wrong.Watching conventionally attractive people going through relationship drama is entertaining in part because we know that if it doesn’t work out, they’ll be okay.

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The group agrees, these kinds of microaggressions build up to create a societal stigma against fat people.

When confronted with that hatred, from every angle, it’s no surprise that we occasionally crumble.

Hill does a shoutout on her Instagram to see if her fellow fat followers ever feel negatively about their bodies, regardless of body positivity, and there is unanimous agreement – it’s hard to not feel hurt when you’re being constantly attacked.

The group seem to think it’s easier to find love as a fat woman but agree that the rise of body positivity has led to fat male solidarity, and that they’re no longer embarrassed to discuss these issues with their mates because of it.

Hill also travels to a Sheffield-based life drawing class, where only fat models are allowed.

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