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Legitimate governments are instituted to secure our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As such, rights do not come from the government; they exist independent of government.

As such, individuals cannot legitimately use government to control others; only to protect themselves to the extent they could on their own.

Peaceful agreements between consenting adults are their own business.

These items of property are things you can peacefully acquire through trade or as a result of applying yourself and investing your time.

As such, you own your money and your property which you have peacefully acquired.

The need of one person, however dire, does not legitimately permit that person to trespass on another’s rights.

Moreover, just because free people are free to trade does not mean they are compelled to trade.Individuals voluntarily grant government the right to act as their agent to assist them in securing their rights.As an agent, the government cannot legitimately assume powers the principal does not have to delegate.So long as no other person or another’s property or money is involved, whatever two or more competent adults decide to do with their bodies, money or property is their own business.Just because something is legally permitted does not mean others must approve of the agreement or hold it to be moral.

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