G4 candace bailey dating 10 types of women to avoid dating

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Includes: Condom Hack; Juicy Campus; Around the Net; Sex On The Streets with Anna David; Computing Hardware And Such; The Daily Feed with Layla Kayleigh.

New DVD Releases, Gadget Reviews, Cool News from Japan.

On today's Attack of the Show Kevin and guest host, Maria Kanellis of the WWE will interview the director of such legendary pictures as ' Terminator 2' and ' Titanic' as well as the upcoming Avatar, James Cameron, review the HP Mini 311 Netbook in Gadget Pr0n and hear Blair Butler's rundown of the best comic books from 2009, like ' Battlefields: The Night Witches' and ' Pax Romana' in Fresh Ink.

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Hottest "Women of the Web"; Expert "Gadget Pr0n" Reviews; New Comic in "Fresh Ink". '; Taxidermy Olympics: Gymnastics; Canon EX-Z150 Digital Camera; Olympic Fever; Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior; Women of the Web. "; Brand New "DVDuesday" Reviews; Stupidest People Ever in "Break Moments in De-Evolution".On Christmas Eve, Kevin and Olivia run down the top five things on the Internet in Around the Net.Also included, the final day (Day 18) of AOTS Holiday Gadget Pr0n Guide (Gifts Under 0); Expert Sex Advice with Anna David; The greatest de-evolved humans in Break Moments in De-Evolution Today, Kevin and Alison Haislip will show off an episode of "Baman Piderman," profile Troma Entertainment's filmmaker extraordinaire, Lloyd Kaufman, review the Nikon S1000pj Digital Camera in Gadget Pr0n and discuss the upcoming Google Phone in The Loop.Expert "Gadget Pr0n" Reviews; AOTS Staff Recommendations; Craziest Internet Videos "Around the Net".Includes: Joss Whedon Online; Nokia E71 Phone; Garbage Day, Barack Roll; Wachovia Early Adopter Contest; The Daily Feed with Layla Kayleigh; i Phone 2.0 - One Month Later.

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