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However it turned out well and thankfully her parents were happy to accept me and eventually even her siblings warmed up to me and when we got married, her father, surprisingly gave me a hug telling me that never would he thought his daughter would marry a gaijin (which disappointed me at first because I thought he still thought of me with a gaijin appeal than me as a person) but I would take care of his daughter better than any men that can be found in Japan, which I was really honored and happy to hear.Some of my peers weren't so lucky when they tried to marry their girlfriends and got shot down by the girl's parents and the relationship ended because of the mere reason of being a "gaijin".

I bring all of this to your attention to show that I have a lot going for me.I also had at least three gold chains on, two watches (one per wrist), a hairy chest covered up far too often for my liking and a sense of humour that is supposedly humourous. Having been a qualified piano and clarinet teacher, coached soccer for eight years, been the first community college student to get into the Toronto Star newspaper Summer Internship Program - the world was my freaking oyster. by the time I got to Japan at the age of 25, I was still a virgin. By the end of my first year, It was over maybe 10 times - and by that, I mean with 5 different women... but that will be revealed once I pick up where my diary left off again. Yes, sometimes a woman wants to go out with a man because she either likes him, really likes him, or loves him.I thought - for the first time in my life - that I was hot sh! So, hot or not, I still had that problem filling me with self-doubt every time I looked at a woman. by the end of the second year, I was up to 18 women, and by the time I left Japan after my third year - 28 women. and that goes for women too - not that I am calling them 'it'. To be honest, my own OBOE (Ohtawara Board of Education) Office knew (they asked if she and I were dating after seeing the way we looked at each other at some teacher event - and I would not lie to these people - so I told them the truth but begged them not to tell - they did NOT). Do I think that Nobuko used me for any of the above? It might have looked like it, but I know we were in love...They asked me about how I grew up, my family morals, what I believed in, and most importantly my job and family income (I had nothing to be ashamed, I was pulling in good money at my age with a good education background, but dam* I felt cornered).It was even nerve wrecking when I answered all of their questions and they just looked at me with uninteresting eyes with responses such as:そうだね(souda ne) - Is that rightほんと(honto) - Really This usually happens when you try to appeal to the girl's family in any country, but when it comes with a gaijin feeling to it, you feel the pressure much more.

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