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My second thought is that there are certain subjects that are off limits for the main lobby, and should not be broadcast to everyone, like a hardcore BDSM session. There should be more vanilla ways to let others know if they are interested in a taboo or non-mainstream discussion, you are here for that, and that Person A could pm you or you’d be happy to join them in a room YZ where Activity X in the open room is discussed without issue.So maybe suggesting lines like “I’m a girl that likes to play with other girls, if your interested pm me or we can..” – and discourage more graphic things like ‘My pussy lips are ready to kiss yours, let me start by massaging your tits in a homo-erotic shower scene” – or something.In other parts of the world that kind of thing has been normal for hundreds of years right?If two girls kissed on the street they may get horny happy stares, if two guys were french kissing in a restaurant it would likely be considered wrong place for that and may get people to say something.This ‘Sexy Gentleman” sent in an email, and publicly commented that he would be okay with sharing the email publicly to discuss the issue and show more of his side of seeing things.

I don’t want people to just accept whatever they see in the main because everyone else is letting it go, and not in cases where a MOD might be engaging in something that may be crossing some lines even.

However, gay anal fisting should not be happening in the main chat room, and hetero anal fisting in the main room is not really appropriate either.

Whether we agree with all or parts of what is mentioned here, I would like to thank this person for having the will to consider a viewpoint which may be different than the majority of vocal regs, and for sharing it with me via email.

Too aggressive, too graphic, too gay for the lobby?

This month one of our visitors got into a debate in the lobby about Lesbian girls being overly aggressive, or showing too much PDA in the main chat lobby, and some issues around that.

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