How effective is carbon dating

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Though the least powerful of the three types of radiation, alpha particles are nonetheless the most densely ionizing of the three.

That means when alpha rays can cause mutations in any living tissue they come into contact with, potentially causing unusual chemical reactions in the cell and possible cancer.

When the field of alpha radiation is blocked by smoke, the alarm goes off.

Radiocarbon dating is used to determine the age of once-living tissue, including objects like string, rope, and boats, all of which were made from living tissue.

This can occur because light travels at roughly 75% its typical speed when in water and beta radiation can, therefore, exceed this speed without breaking the speed of light.

Gamma rays are high frequency, extremely-short-wavelength electromagnetic waves with no mass and no charge.

Unlike alpha radiation, though, beta radiation has the capacity to pass through living cells, though it can be stopped by an aluminum sheet.

A particle of beta radiation can cause spontaneous mutation and cancer when it comes into contact with DNA.

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