Internet dating aspergers

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Children with ASD can often be indifferent to what others think allowing them to be ambivalent to the intense peer pressure of adolescence.

They can show incredible focus leading them to become accomplished musicians, historians, mathematicians, etc.

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Suicide and drug addiction become real concerns, as the teen now has access to cars, drugs and alcohol.Plus, during high school issues of sexuality and a desire for independence from parents create even more problems.In the teenage world where everyone feels insecure, teens that appear different are ostracized. One teen talks in a loud unmodulated voice, avoids eye contact, interrupts others, violates physical space, and steers the conversation to her favorite odd topic.Meanwhile, school becomes more demanding in a period when they have to compete for college placements.As education moves from the black and white of right and wrong answers to shades of gray of defending competing views or alternate theories, a high schooler with Autism Spectrum Disorder can struggle to comprehend.

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