Itemupdating event receiver

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And we can go back to Host Web to ensure that the Site Icon and Original Title are restored back as usual.So we can clearly see the “Embed Java Script Pattern” is very effective as it gives you handle on customizing Host Web Elements from outside the Share Point itself.It is the responsibility of the App Developer to handler the smooth removal of the injected code as soon as the App gets uninstalled.There are a couple of issues that I would like to point out around this fact as follows: If code is injected using Share Point Hosted App, then it is not possible to get it removed the injected code automatically by any mean.

But what if we are not allowed to deploy any code solution in Share Point Environment?

Since this solution deploys the Java Script file into a folder under the _layouts virtual directory, you have provided that relative path.

The second parameter is the entry point function which is Load JSInside Host Web.

The “Operation Context” class provides you methods (as highlighted below) to extract Absolute Uri to the Service Class irrespective of where it is hosted.

Step 3- Retrieve the Remote Web URL to get the fully qualified path of Service Class Step 4- Instantiate the App Context by calling “Create App Event Client Context” method shipped with Token Class to facilitates App Authentication Tokens Step 5- Load the Products List using traditional CSOM way Step 6- Instantiate new Event Receiver Object using “Event Receiver Definition Creation Information” class.

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