Jewish chinese interdating

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“To say that I’d limit who I date, that I’d automatically rule someone out because they’re not Jewish–that’s offensive to people,” Sophie said. Jews are seen as white and privileged, and liberal university campuses celebrate diversity and pluralism.” Abby said, “Dating non-Jews is seen as positive, it gives you legitimacy, it proves something about you, that you’re open to other people and cultures.

Well, they said, first, I’d be surprised by how few Jewish students have two Jewish parents.They and their siblings all, for example, married first-generation American Jews from Trenton, New Jersey–how shtetl is that?–and WWII and the Holocaust breathed down on them in a way that was not true for me.“Binary is dead,” Sophie reported–no more sacred non-meeting twains.There are Buddhist, Muslim and religiously non-identifying students on campus; there are those who define their faith not heritably but through choice; there are many international students; there are gay, bisexual, queer and straight students.

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