Jordanian dating customs

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Only fifteen years ago my friends tell me there was nothing at this spot but one lone buildingóa brick police station shaded by a couple of scrawny trees.

From time to time the Bedouins gathered with their goats and camels and heavy black woollen tents.

Wishing to thank them with some sort of present she was embarrassed to have nothing to offer but a few ballpoint pens.

Few resemble in size the enormous department stores and supermarkets we are so used to in Europe and America.In the busiest parts of town there is no concern for pedestrians.Actually, there are sidewalksóbut attempting to cross the street is like contemplating suicide.Women walking aloneóespecially western womenóare obviously in need of a lift.And for women to walk alone, especially after dark, is not only dangerous but lonely. And yet some of the most hospitable people I have met anywhere were in Jordan.

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