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" Brian asked gently."I think I'm basically a good person," she responded. She couldn't get Brian's questions out of her head. If He existed, would she be willing to live for Him? She read the book of Romans, which described her not as a "good person," but as a sinner in need of a savior.

She visited a Christian bookstore and asked for something that would help a person explore the claims of Christianity. She left with Josh Mc Dowell's More Than a Carpenter, which gave historical proof for Christ's life, death, and resurrection. He was whittling away at her pride and independence and awakening within her a longing for Himself.

I chose a lonely table in the far left corner of the restaurant. I worried about whether I should prop my feet up on a chair. At the time she'd just returned to Maryland from college in New Hampshire, where she'd lived the typical party life.

It was slightly dirty, so I asked the server to wipe it off. It was an empty life lived for herself-a life ruled by sin.

"Bye, Nicole," she said to the girl in the office beside her. When I was twenty-one, I wrote about my experience in I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

"See you tomorrow, Helen," she called to the receptionist. I wanted to challenge other singles to reconsider the way they pursued a romance in light of God's Word.

"I respect you, but that's not for me.""Do you think you're going to heaven?

One night, alone in her room, she repented for her sinful and self-centered life and believed on the Savior she now knew had died for her.

Something Better Growing up, I always hoped that when I saw the girl I was going to marry, it would be love at first sight.

The machine beeped, and I took the plunge."Hey, Shannon, this is Josh ... For sixty-four agonizing minutes I analyzed whether or not the message I had left sounded cool and collected. For me, rejecting the dating game was a seismic shift.

I had always been a flirt who lived for the buzz of romance.

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