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Leslie, after working in the design field for many years, found it difficult and frustrating to find furniture that had both the level of quality and visual she wanted.

Having an interior design business, she often created private commissions for her clients, and when a small shop on Fairfax opened up, she took it as a venue to showcase her designs.

Craft them to the highest standard to meet and exceed expectations.

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our standard fabric selections include:cottonlinenvelvetmohair COL ( customer’s own leather ) pricing offered on a per quote basis.*architects and designers may additionally specify from the Knoll or Maharam catalogs.*unique, limited edition fabrics are offered at the studio on a per availability basis, and we love creating individual stories for our customers and clients.constructionour upholstered pieces are built using the finest materials and workmanship.

Since 1998, long before the current “green” trends, the studio remained steadfast in its dedication to the use of California suppliers, local workshops and natural materials, preferring and celebrating the purity of line and minimal finishes to the excesses of decoration.

Leslie has remained committed to sound design principles and skilled workmanship, acting on the belief that the smaller studio can be involved in the entire process, and therefore put forth great work, work that has timelessness and longevity.

She had always been interested in furniture design, and wanted also to start a family and start a business that didn’t require so much on-site time. For over 15 years, 407 Furniture has been setting the standard for fine handmade solid wood furniture in los angeles.

The gallery features collections of modern pieces which have an understated elegance; the designs are minimal, clean and of rare craftsmanship.

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