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Dmitry Grishin, CEO of, tells me that its acquisition of Maps.

One forum alone accounted for almost half of the breached data -- a little under 13 million records; the other two forums make up over 12 million records.“We looked at many companies but they were one of the best based on Open Street Map,” he says.“One particular feature we liked is how they have created very smart algorithms to download maps and then use them offline with no 3G or other data connection.” This is smart on two counts: getting a product based on Open Street Map is a logical step for a company that is effectively a late mover into the world of maps and wants to be independent of proprietary platforms like Google’s, Nokia’s or Yandex’s.The breach notification confirmed that it has added the breached data into its database, alongside another 2.3 million records from 10 other websites that the group bundled in with its blog post.This is the latest hack in a long line of similar attacks on out-of-date and unpatched forums with widely known and glaring security flaws.

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