Melanie lynskey dating

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However, the snake can be overly suspicious, which makes them a bit paranoid. Continue to the next page to see Melanie Lynskey’s dating history, past relationships and full bio.

Melanie Jayne Lynskey Personal Life Melanie Jayne Lynskey is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jason Ritter. The couple even got engaged after dating for months.

The separation came as a shock to the people near to them too. Jimmi started dating Serinda Swan, four months after the separation. Charlie Sheen, the main character of, ‘Two and a half men’ stated in an interview that Chuck Lorre is a reason for Melanie’s separation from her husband.

There are no reports on why and whether it was true.

After few years of their engagement, they got married. However, their relationship did not work well and they got divorced recently but were separated in 2012.

Jimmi and Melanie, both waived their right to spousal support, according to the divorce documents.

According to a source, neither of them hired a lawyer and their separation was very smooth.

They married in 2007 and divorced in 2014 for some undisclosed reasons.

Melanie Jayne Lynskey Net Worth Melanie Jayne Lynskey has an accumulated net worth of million. Melanie Jayne Lynskey Wiki/Bio Melanie Lynskey was born Melanie Jayne Lynskey on 16th May 1977 in New Zealand.

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