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Many people confuse hard-working people with workaholics.

Workaholism means that you value work over any other activity, even when it negatively affects your health and family, as well as the quality of your work.

Do you find yourself pulling too many late nights and coming into work on the weekends?

Barbara simply is one of those fortunate people who works hard because she truly loves her job.

The evidence is clear that being a workaholic leads to serious physical problems. Seek help and learn to cope with the need to overwork.

The key is to understand that sometimes an obsession with your job performance is more than normal hard work.

Here are some key differences between hard workers and workaholics: An interesting way of understanding the difference between hard workers and workaholics is found in the research of E. Barbara Woods is Executive Director of Casa Palmera, an organization providing psychological and medical help to men, women and their family members suffering from addictions and behavioral health disorders in San Diego.

After an injury, Barbara’s friends suggested she take time off to heal.

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