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Unless you’re making concurrent requests, you probably won’t be viewed as a DDOS attack, you’ll just show up as a super-avid visitor in the logs, in case anyone’s looking.Anonymous Access There are also fewer ways for the website’s administrators to track your behavior, which can be useful if you want gather data more privately.There are some tricks that site owners will use to thwart this type of access – which we’ll dive into later – but they almost all have simple work-arounds.

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But did you know that there’s a source of structured data that virtually every website on the internet supports automatically, by default?Whereas if the website goes down or is having issues, that’s a more of an in-your-face, drop-everything-until-this-is-fixed kind of problem, and gets dealt with quickly.No Rate-Limiting Another thing to think about is that the concept of rate-limiting is virtually non-existent for public websites.Series 5 is now showing Jared Harris and Emily Watson star in this hard-hitting Sky Original exploring the truth surrounding Chernobyl - a story of incredible heroism and sacrifice, but also shocking lies and conspiracy.“OFFICIALLY the greatest television series of all time ”…

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