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A solenoid valve is an automatic safety shut-off valve that is opened or closed by the action of a solenoid attached to the valve disc, resulting in fast opening and closing times.

– This is a term used when a rider would lean their bike over far enough to drag the bottoms, usually of their bikes floor boards or maybe an exhaust pipe and cause sparks to fly at night from rubbing the pavement.

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(as in bore/stroke) The distance traveled in either direction of by an piston or rod in an engine. Because the rider had to remove one of his hands from the handlebars in order to shift – a dangerous prospect given that most of the thoroughfares of the day were rutted, unpaved dirt roads or brick and cobblestone streets – many people felt that motorcycle riders were literally “taking their lives into their own hands” …Having both SNELL and DOT on a helmet is a very good thing.– Refers to a mono-shock swingarm bike, has the rigid or hardtail styling yet full rear suspension capability.– Shaky, bumpy or raising/lowering motion of the bikes rear end created by the impact of acceleration and then fed back into the bike’s frame caused by a shaft drive.It’s quite normal as that’s what Shaft drives do as the gears inside the drive want to “ride up” as they are under stress (acceleration). Slang for Harley-Davidson engines produced between 19, so named because of the shape of the head resembles a coal shovel.

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