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From: EMAIL ACCOUNT UPGRADEDate: Tuesday, May 6, 2014Subject: Arizona State University Update Form Dear Web mail User, You are required to verify your Web-mail account by confirming your Web-mail Identity. Therefore,you would be restricted from receiving new messages and other e-mail features.

This will prevent your Web-mail Account from being Closed during this upgrade exercise. For us to restore your e-mail account back to normal, you must verify your identity.

If you received a suspicious email that does not look like anything on this page, please send the headers to Info [email protected] emails geared specifically toward the ASU community (Targeted Phishing) From: Systems Mail [a compromised account from another university]Sent: Friday, October 30, 2015 PMTo: Me Subject: Account Expiration Alert Good Afternoon, The password associated with this account will expire shortly.

To continue using this account without any changes, click on the "Keep My Account" button below: Keep My Account Please Note: This request is compulsory as if you do not keep your account, it may lead to service suspension.

ASU helpdesk already has your Username in our database.

If you see an email like this, make sure to hover over the links before visiting them, as they may not direct to Amazon. Once your info has been received,your Mailbox will be fully upgrade.

The following measure is to cross reference passwords to valid student emails in the ASU database.4).

Do not respond to any other email(s) requesting your password.5).

Remember, ASU will never send emails asking for your password or login information.

Beware of emails that ask your for personal or login information.

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