Omfg the internet dating musical

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I'd see they put a particular band, show, book, movie, or whatever in the media section of their profile, and I'd share my similarity in taste and ask them if they've heard, seen, or read ____ that is similar in style or structure.

99% of the time I'd either get nothing back or they'd like me back, read my message, and simply never respond to it. I think women genuinely crave the idea that people swiping on them are actually messaging them for their personality or interests and not their looks, but very few of them are actually willing to put in the effort to reciprocate.

I am grateful I met my girlfriend on OKCupid, but I wouldn't go back for how toxic for you it can be. When I started online dating I specifically targeted OKC because I was looking for some longer term dating.

I would find someone who I figured would be compatible, and read their profile, made a long thought out message, and hoped for the best.

That being said, this song may have just successfully made someone want to have sex with me and it’s alarming. So the moral of the story is: if you’re just trying to get a little action with not much game, leave it up to the lyrical geniuses that are The Veronicas.

I started doing this whole online dating thing asking provocative questions based off the content of their profile.

It's more the issue if it never advances beyond small talk.I didn’t cop another reply, but I’m not about to give up on my quest to find true love.Now look, as I said earlier, these lyrics don’t exactly paint you as someone keen on a date – the paint you as a crazy ex type, trying to lock someone down for life, or someone just looking to smash – there’s no real in-between.I've since just opted to say "Hi, how's it going?" and I've gotten more replies from that than off genuine attempts at creating sincere connections.

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